For the sake of everyone names have been changed. 

Teenagers in high school. They are a punch horny, over emotional, over hormonal, and absolutely crazy! Today in 9 high school dramas happened to an innocent by standard.  This is a day in the life of a true high schooler! 

  1. Walking with two friends John and Rachel, John left us then came back and whispered something to me. Rachel of course was like what he say, what he say?! So she felt a little left out.  Drama #1
  2. John had whispered his ex-girlfriend might be pregnant and if she is it is hers. Drama #2 
  3. Grades. End of year grades. nuff said.
  4. Jessica’s ex-boyfriend came to lunch with us. He biked to see her! He still loves her very much.
  5. Jessica then comes to me later and says, “Is it bad that I am falling in love with you?”  (Girls love me! loves me!)
  6. Chemistry class I had a guy beg me to copy my work, then he started saying stuff like I will kiss you if you let me copy you and stuff like that. It was kinda funny.
  7. Fashion! Looks everyone at you and judge you. A gay fashion dude was like do this do that! 

Hope you enjoyed a day in the life of a regular not so regular teenager!

Yes, that is my own photo. I just wanted to add a photo!